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Business Valuation

business valuation services

We provide comprehensive valuation services to closely held businesses, individuals, and attorneys for purposes of estate planning, individual and corporate tax planning, buying or selling a business, and legal disputes.

Our Approach

Our well-defined valuation process ensures the right approach and methodologies are employed to best suit the situation and valuation purpose. Upon completion, each valuation is explained to our clients and associated advisors to ensure a thorough understanding of the conclusions, confirm accuracy and enable the report to be fully utilized for the intended purpose.

We have many years of experience analyzing business operations and historical financial data to create a well-reasoned, fully documented, and defensible valuation opinion. Our valuation considers all aspects of a business including tangible and intangible assets, financial condition, operating efficiencies, the industry, and the economic environment.

Other Services

Valuations for Individual and Corporate Tax Planning

Our trust and estate tax planning and compliance services include tax planning, investment account reconciliation, Trust and estate income tax planning, and more

Succession and Shareholder Planning

We provide advisory services to trust and estate attorneys, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, trustees, tax accountants, and asset managers.

Transaction and Corporate Advisory Services

We leverage our team's valuation expertise to assist clients in making sound business decisions in critical transactions.

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